The Meadows Home

A Ranch Assisted Living Home. Located in Pronghorn Ranch. 3,100 square feet of Living Space

Private Rooms

We offer comfortable private rooms for residents seeking intimacy, privacy and seclusion.

Shared/Couples Room

Shared rooms are available with special pricing for residents who want to share a room or continue living together as a couple.

Activity Area

The lively activity area engages residents with various activities, games and hobbies.

Dining Area

The dining provides a clean and comfortable place to gather and enjoy meals with friends

Patio & Fresh Air

The patio offers a relaxing outdoor escape for residents to enjoy some fresh air and time outside.

"A genuine concern and heartfelt care without judgment."

− Our Value on Compassion

"A balanced diet emphasizing healthy meals and minimizing unhealthy choices."

− Our Values on Nutrition

"To respecting personal, social, cultural and spiritual needs.

− Our Values on Individuality

Assisted Living Home

Beautifully designed inside and outside, the atmosphere is created to be calm, peaceful, warm, and welcoming with niches for the resident’s to make their own. Founded and operated by Ross Lubic, and Christine Floyd.

Activity Room

Private Room – Female

Large Private Room

Private Room – Male

Our Home

Sitting Room

Patio Area

Dining Area